Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Google service that allows you to track the traffic of web surfers and gain information about them. 
The service was first launched in 2005 after Google bought Urchin, which developed a traffic analysis platform from log files of servers on the Internet (Google stopped selling Urchin products in 2012).

Google Analytics is offered in two major versions: a standard version for standard users and a version for large organizations specifically called Google Analytics 360 that offers Google-related courses and tutorials as well as access to new developments in beta.

What can I do with Google Analytics?
The basic Analytics system shows incoming traffic on a simple, easy-to-understand dashboard that displays the following features:

The number of entrances to the site each day
Total number of pages viewed
The average number of pages each user viewed
The average time each user spent on the site
Session number (user logins including repeat user arrivals)
Bounce Rate
The percentage of new visitors versus the percentage of returning visitors.
What do we offer?
We open an Analytics account on Google
Install Google Analytics on the site
Perform all the settings, and install relevant pixels, anywhere on the site.
analyzes the traffic to the site, and 
Conversion Rates
Google Analytics allows you to get an indication - about site traffic, improve campaigns, etc.
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