QR Code

QR Code allows taking the landing pages, leads generating, and the way you communicate your customers and create mailing lists - a few steps ahead.
Smart QR 
Our smart QR system - allows remote control of the code, that means the code is reusable and allow multi uses.
No matter where the code located- on the product packaging, in China factory, in the laundry machine, we can change the link.
We can link our SMART QR anywhere you wish - flyers, URL, landing pages, dusting, sound files, greetings, etc.

Our latest innovation - QR video.
We produced Video QR: When your clients will scan the code he will get video on his mobile screen.
The video is an excellent opportunity to get a close touch with your clients.  
The video file promotion, products explanation, greetings - what ever you like.

The ability to deliver a video to clients has dramatically improved the conversion rate of the code, reduced the products return rate, and increased mailing lists sign up rates. 

We provide you scanning statistic - who scan?
where? when? etc 

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Scan the QR - and see the Difference
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